Tournament Info

The Tournament will be played 22-21.2021

The matches are played on 28 different grass fields, with three larger football areas (Sandhagen, Kyrkbacken and Nynäs Park).

Accommodation is arranged in schools from Wednesday evening to Sunday. On Wednesday the kitchen will serve an evening meal. From Thursday to Saturday; breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sunday breakfast and lunch.


All players in the Kokkola Cup will receive a diploma. The winner in each class will receive a trophy and players of the best three teams in each class will be given a medal. In the age groups of F9 and younger a diploma and a prize is given to every player.

The most valuable prize is the so called Gentleman's prize. This prize is handed over to one boy team and one girl team, which fills up the criteria's.

The medals are designed by Bo Aurén from Kokkola.