The Renato story - Felt as we where in Brazil!

I started my career as a professional player from Guarani in Campinas, with 18 years old where I was Champion of Brazilian Cup in 1978, the first title in an interior team, then had the opportunity to be convoked in the Brazilian team in 1979. In 1980 for the Sao Paulo-fc Two-Time Champion of State Championship, then I disputed preliminary rounds of the World Cup in 1981 and the world cup in Spain in 1982.
In 1985 played in Botafogo Rio de Janeiro.

In 1986 played in Atlético Mineiro where we were three-time State Championship Winner 86, 88.89. In a game by the championship in 1988 I made 3 goals in 3 minutes record until today, and then I went to Japan where I win several titles, Japanese championship. Champion of the Emperor's Cup (three times). Asia Cup and more.

We came to Finland with an invitation from Vitor. He's speak well of the city. Then we could see a good structure, a tournament with many countries of Europe, all loved, parents, students and technical committee worship.

About the tournament was wonderful in every way (fields, schedules, bus, accommodation, food, reception) felt as we where in Brazil. I was very honorable to be invited to the opening of the tournament. The project is to return next year, maybe with two categories.