This edition of Kokkola Cup football tornament has been postponed until 2021!


GBK's international youth soccer tournament has since its inception in 1981 grown into the country's second largest youth soccer tournament. The tournament started in 1981 with over 50 participating teams and over the years has grown to 400 teams. The tournament has from the beginning consolidated its position and profile as an international tournament, which has gathered a large number of participating teams from all over Finland, from neighboring countries and from the rest of Europe, from North and South America, India and both China and others.
The events for the summer tournament, the 40th in order, while Karleby celebrates its 400th anniversary, started already on last year's side, with the aim of once again putting together a 400 team tournament, with participating teams from near and far, both from home and abroad . This time again with participating teams from the “football country Brazil” and together with the brass team before the tournament a “Brazilian football school”, for interested football juniors.
The tournament has, over the years, at various stages, encountered many challenges, but so far always in good consensus have been able to continue the events uninterrupted. However, in March of this year, the tournament faced the biggest challenge of all, during the history of the tournament? Finland and the rest of the world came to a standstill when the corona pandemic (Covid 19) spread, bringing with it all restrictions on socializing and traveling that varied in different countries, all over the world ?!
With hundreds of reports submitted by date, GBK's Board of Directors at its meeting yesterday 18.5 has taken a careful and serious think about whether, due to all applicable corona restrictions and despite cautious step-by-step relief in July / August, all this summer is possible to arrange a qualitatively good and for the participating teams a still interesting enough, "International Kokkola Cup 2020 football tournament for youth"?
Opening ceremonies, school accommodation, food service in school kitchens, disco and other surrounding programs, travel bans for the law within the country and from abroad etc. greatly restrict the arrangements. The match program cannot be guaranteed, but any sudden interruptions in the game could due to the virus suddenly occur on the actual game day? In addition, the board asked the question, whether the risks and limitations for the teams traveling here and the families of the players put them in an overly difficult and unsustainable situation, since any restrictions within the family prevent the individual junior player from traveling with the team this time? Since the goal for all junior teams now seems to be that the whole team will eventually start training, do they play series matches that are possible and at all to reach the same positive football level as before?
The GBK Board of Directors has for its part now considered that the challenge of organizing the "International Kokkola Cup 2020 Youth Soccer Tournament" in July will be too large and overpowering this time and is not possible according to the tournament's standard and profile, but will advance to the 40th Kokkola Cup. the tournament to be played in July 2021, next year! GBK greatly regrets the decision that the board considers itself forced because of the current situation and hopes for a great understanding ?! After all, health goes before football!
Next year 2021 it is time again to continue with the tournament participation and GBK now already wishes to welcome all interested junior teams next year to the Kokkola Cup 2021, during the period 22-25.7 !!! The registration page for participation in next year's tournament opens during the fall.
GBK and Kokkola Cup wish all the junior teams a good football summer 2020 and on a cautious start of the teams training and upcoming series matches!
All teams that have announced participation in this summer's tournament are specifically notified.

For GBK and Kokkola Cup,
Robert Åström, President and CEO
Stefan Thylin, Tournament Manager


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